1. At school
Vocabulary: School subjects / objects. Days of the week Numbers. Personal Pronouns
Grammar: Article –a / an. Verb – to be
2. Nice to meet you
Vocabulary: Countries and nationalities. Personal things Numbers (21-100)
Grammar: Have got / has got. Plurals. This / these – that / those
3. My home is my castle
Vocabulary: Rooms. Furniture and appliances
Ordinal numbers
Grammar: There is / There are. Possessive
adjectives Prepositions of place
4. Family
Vocabulary: Family members. Appearance
Grammar: Can (ability). Object pronouns / Possessive adjectives Possessive ('s / s') / whose. Imperative
5. At the Zoo
Vocabulary: Animals (pets and farm animals)
Parts of the body of an animal
Grammar: Present Simple
6. One busy day
Vocabulary: Daily activities. Activities. Jobs
Grammar: Adverbs of frequency. Prepositions of time Present Continuous
7. There is no bad weather, each weather is fine
Vocabulary: Seasons. Months and weather. Clothes
Grammar: Present Simple or Present Continuous
8. All about food
Vocabulary: Festive activities. Food and drinks. Containers
Grammar: Countable-uncountable nouns
Some / any – How much / How many
9. Gong out
Vocabulary: Shops and products. Places to go
Types of films
Grammar: -A / -an / -the. Was / were
Past Simple (regular-irregular verbs)
10. Valik goes to Australia
Vocabulary: Types of holidays. Activities and feelings Health matters
Grammar: Can / Can't. Will (Future Simple)